Preserving food from seed to table

Plant-Based Food Protection

“Seed to table” means we have solutions for all stages of the growing, harvesting, processing and packaging of food crops and products. 

Animal Product Food Protection

We have solutions ranging from animal health care, to processing facility sanitization, to antimicrobial food processing and packaging.

Working to protect growing environments, seeds, crops, produce, packaging, and processing from the pathogens that cause spoilage, waste and food-borne illness

Pre-SERVA Antimicrobial Oil & Grease, Moisture, and Oxygen Barrier Coatings

Seal in freshness with produce, and make paper food packaging resistant to oil & grease, moisture, and oxygen with our antimicrobial barrier coatings.

  • Repulpable
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Fluorine Free

Seed and Crop Protection

Pathogen and pest control. ag-ARMA™ has solutions from seed to crops. These are biodegradable solutions which utilize carriers established in the agricultural industry. Multiple solutions are available depending on the crop type and conditions. Included in this section is biodegradable seed-ARMA™ and marijuana mildew control.

Food Processing

Pathogenic growth in first stage food processing is well known. ag-ARMA™ solutions provide pathogenic control and elimination on food equipment and in food growing and processing facilities. These range from farms through to animal and vegetable processing and packaging facilities. This also includes the washing of food for pathogenic control and the pretreatment of cotton, etc.

Food Preservation

Once picked fruit and vegetables to rapid deterioration. pre-SERVA™ barrier coatings can be applied by dipping or spraying and provide envelope protection including oxygen barrier and moisture barrier. pre-SERVA™’s biodegradable coatings are safe and can be removed by rinsing prior to consumption.

Food Packaging

pre-SERVA™ biodegradable antimicrobial coatings can be applied to paper, plastic, wood, composite packaging to provide an additional level of protection against pathogens. Direct solutions are in contact with the food in the form of wraps. Indirect examples include pallets, cardboard boxes, etc.