Our Company

Ag-ARMA is a part of the bio-GENERATION group of companies, with our other companies working also in the areas of health and sustainability.

Ag-ARMA and bio-GENERATION are global brands, with our partners, experts, and advisors spread out all over the world. Our primary office is in North Vancouver, Canada. We also have offices as well as development laboratories in the United States.

We are continuously working with global partners to test for a huge range of product integrations and we work across multiple industries and sectors. We enjoy being a part of a global community of problem solvers and innovative businesses.

What Drives Us?

In short – tackling big health and environmental issues with antimicrobial chemistry!

We have a long history in natural chemistry and green product development. The work we do at Ag-ARMA is based on the belief that innovative material science can help combat some of the most serious health issues we’re facing, as well as replacing toxic chemicals and disposable plastics.

Big challenges in global health

Viral/bacterial/fungal infections, from the Covid-19 pandemic to antimicrobial-resistant superbug infections are going to continue to be an increasingly critical issue we face collectively.

We’re excited about the potential of our products to provide safe, effective microbial protection on and in products, as well as being an excellent medical-grade disinfectant that is proven exceptionally effective against nearly every infectious microbial agent it’s tested against.

All-in for a greener future

The other serious issues we are passionate about is the health of our ecosystems – from excessive single-use plastics to toxic biocides in use across multiple industries.

Our bio-based formulation means our product is safe to be added to food packaging, allowing a greater use of natural alternatives to plastic.