Ag-ARMA Farming & Food Protection Solutions

From seed to table – preserving and enhancing food supply chains with bio-based antimicrobial and biostimulant treatments

Ag-ARMA’s lineup of agricultural treatments protect your investment and ensure the growth of your crops and your value!

Ensure your soil, seeds, plants, crops and processing facilities are free from pests, mold, and food-borne illness vectors. Increased germination, more vigorous growth, less rot and waste, and improved health and safety for workers and consumers!

Our bio-based anti-microbial platform allows plants to grow at their full potential, helps produce stay fresh longer, and kills even the most tenacious bacteria, fungi, and viral contamination common in food environments. Completely non-toxic, our plant-derived formulas are both effective and affordable, and ensure you’re not adding toxic chemicals into the food stream.

And for livestock producers or farmers with animals, our sister company Vetacare supplies a range of wound and skin care topical treatments, while our sanitation solutions below are more than effective enough for meat, dairy and egg processing.


Protect your soil with Ag-ARMA™ bio-based pathogen control solutions

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Keep soil free from damaging fungal and bacterial pathogens to ensure better germination and growth


Preserve your seed supply and ensure better germination with Ag-ARMA™

Ag-ARMA’s collaborates with farmers and laboratories to develop safe, effective seed protection solutions against mold, mildew, yeasts, and bacterial contamination. Our seed protection solutions offer:
  • Effective and long-lasting protection against seed spoilage
  • Safe, non-toxic seed coatings that don’t impede germination or bio-accumulate
  • Residual protection lasting from application to germination
  • Active ingredients using carriers well-established in the agricultural industry
By minimizing seed spoilage, our solutions reduce costs, increase yields, and provide farmers with peace of mind.

Control mold, insects & mites with our biodegradable solutions


Highly effective fungicides and specialized pesticides for commercial growers

Ag-ARMA™ collaborates with crop growers and biopesticide manufacturers to develop solutions that provide residual protection. Our products offer immediate and prolonged protection against pests, pathogens, or fungal growth, remaining effective for many days after application. Our crop solutions are:
  • Available in oil or water-based solutions
  • Able to remain behind after the carrier has evaporated, offering protection against bacteria, mildew, and fungi
  • Safe and effective, non-toxic for humans and wildlife
  • Free from long-term bio-accumulation in soils
We are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions that improve food safety and safeguard the health of humans and wildlife.

Our safe, biodegradable biopesticide solutions for plant crops are effective and easy to integrate into your rotation


Barrier coatings, sprays and washes for produce and food products

Our line of pre-SERVA barrier coatings can be applied by dipping or spraying and provide envelope protection including oxygen barrier and moisture barrier.
  • They are effective for treating the exterior of fruit and vegetables, eliminating and preventing the growth of pathogens throughout the supply chain, from field to packing to shipping to point-of-sale.
  • Products treated with our pre-SERVA line have a moisture and oxygen barrier, beyond just the pathogenic barrier. This means reduced dehydration and spoilage.
  • This film is biodegradable and therefore when the fruit or vegetable is washed the film comes off and the item is ready to eat. This washing may occur in the store as the items are prepped or cooled with water to retain freshness. Otherwise, the film will come off during prep at home, either in the sink or in the pot. Also neutralized with boiling water.

Our biodegradable coatings are safe and can be removed by rinsing prior to consumption

Interesting in how Ag-ARMA’s solutions could help your food growing and processing operation? Get in touch with us!