Food Processing Hygiene and Disinfection

From fruit and vegetable washes through to processing and packaging environments, our sanitization solutions keep your food safe!

Ag-ARMA’s food processing hygiene solutions ensure safety and reduced spoilage at every stage of the field-to-table journey!

You don’t need to have direct experience with a Listeria-induced widespread product recall to understand the importance of food hygiene! Removing pathogens from the field or picking process, and ensuring no new contamination occur are equally important, and we can help!

We have developed a platform that includes products for washes, process water, and disinfectants for processing environments, so at each step of the way, you can ensure safety and and hygiene for your products and workers alike.

Our bio-based non-toxic products are extremely effective at killing all known pathogens, including AMR “superbugs” and with the film-forming versions of some products, the protection can last for days or even weeks depending on the usage. Reduce water usage, keep cleaning costs low, and feel confident that you’re shipping a pathogen free product!


Barrier coatings, sprays and washes for produce and food products


Our biodegradable coatings are safe and can be removed by rinsing prior to consumption


Washes, sanitizing, and food-grade antimicrobial solutions

From animal and vegetable farm yards through to dairy, eggs, rendering, processing, and packaging facilities, Ag-ARMA can make your food operation safer. Pathogenic growth in first stage food processing is well known. ag-ARMA solutions are perfect for eliminating a wide range of bacteria, mold, and viral food-born illnesses. From washes to coating to surface treatment, including the pretreatment of cotton, there are many opportunities for replacing harsher chemical solutions with safer, bio-based Ag-ARMA antimicrobial solutions.
  • Prevent listeria, E.coli, and all other types of food pathogens
  • Washes and rinses, or surface treatment
  • Effective and long lasting protection

Pathogenic control for food and equipment, in all types of processing facilities


From berries to baked goods to meat & dairy, impeccable hygiene in food packaging environments is essential!

We offer solutions for product preservation and disinfectant cleaning products that offer residual protection. Our products continue to kill food-borne illnesses instantly and continue to do so for days after application.
  • Can be supplied in either an oil or water-based solution
  • Remain behind after the carrier has evaporated, imparting protection as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.
  • Safe and effective – non-toxic for humans and animals
  • Proven highly effective against serious pathogens

Pathogenic control for food and equipment, in all types of processing facilities

Interesting in how Ag-ARMA’s solutions could help your food growing and processing operation? Get in touch with us!