Plant Farming & Food Protection

From seed to table – preserve your seeds, crops, harvest, and product processing facilities and packaging!

Control mold, insects & mites with our biodegradable solutions


Preserve your seed supply and ensure better germination with Ag-ARMA™

Ag-ARMA’s is working with farmers and laboratories to develop effective, safe solutions for seed protection against mold and mildew, yeasts, and bacterial contamination of seed crops. By reducing the amount of seed spoilage, we help reduce costs, increase yields, and offer security to farmers.
  • Protect seed from bacteria, mold, mildew, etc.
  • Effective and long lasting protection
  • Safe, non-toxic seed coatings do not inhibit germination or bio-accumulate
  • Residual protection which lasts from application to germination
  • Our active ingredients use carriers well-established in the agricultural industry.


Highly effective fungicides and specialized pesticides for commercial growers

Ag-ARMA™ works directly with both crop growers , and biopesticide manufacturers to develop solutions for cleaning and disinfecting that have residual protection. Our products continue to kill food-borne illnesses instantly and continue to do so for days after application.
  • Can be supplied in either an oil or water-based solution
  • Remain behind after the carrier has evaporated, imparting protection against bacteria, mildew, fungi
  • Safe and effective – non-toxic for humans and wildlife
  • No long-term bio-accumulation in soils

Our safe, biodegradable biopesticide solutions for plant crops are effective and easy to integrate into your rotation

Our biodegradable coatings are safe and can be removed by rinsing prior to consumption


Barrier coatings, sprays and washes for produce and food products

Our line of pre-SERVA barrier coatings can be applied by dipping or spraying and provide envelope protection including oxygen barrier and moisture barrier. They are effective for treating the exterior of fruit and vegetables, eliminating and preventing the growth of pathogens throughout the supply chain, from field to packing to shipping to point-of-sale.
Products treated with our pre-SERVA line have a moisture and oxygen barrier, beyond just the pathogenic barrier. This means reduced dehydration and spoilage. This film is biodegradable and therefore when the fruit or vegetable is washed the film comes off and the item is ready to eat. This washing may occur in the store as the items are prepped or cooled with water to retain freshness. Otherwise, the film will come off during prep at home, either in the sink or in the pot. Also neutralized with boiling water.


Washes, sanitizing, and food-grade antimicrobial solutions

From animal and vegetable farm yards through to dairy, eggs, rendering, processing, and packaging facilities, Ag-ARMA can make your food operation safer. Pathogenic growth in first stage food processing is well known. ag-ARMA solutions are perfect for eliminating a wide range of bacteria, mold, and viral food-born illnesses. From washes to coating to surface treatment, including the pretreatment of cotton, there are many opportunities for replacing harsher chemical solutions with safer, bio-based Ag-ARMA antimicrobial solutions.
  • Prevent listeria, E.coli, and all other types of food pathogens
  • Washes and rinses, or surface treatment
  • Effective and long lasting protection

Pathogenic control for food and equipment, in all types of processing facilities

Direct solutions are in contact with the food in the form of wraps, bags, cartons, and serving containers. Indirect examples include pallets, cardboard boxes, etc.


Compostable, biodegradable, food-safe antimicrobial barrier coatings for paper and bioplastics

pre-SERVA™ biodegradable antimicrobial coatings can be applied to paper, plastic, wood, composite packaging to provide an additional level of protection against pathogens. Direct solutions are in contact with the food in the form of wraps. Indirect examples include pallets, cardboard boxes, etc.
  • Re-pulpable & Recyclable
  • Biodegradable & Compostable
  • Fluorine-Free & environmentally friendly
Our pathogen-eliminating coating have significant potential to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in the food industry. Our products can also be used with bio-plastics as well. And being bi0-based, the production of our main ingredients is green and safe at every stage.

Interesting in how Ag-ARMA’s solutions could help your food growing and processing operation? Get in touch with us!